The desired amount of time a steak is cooked depends on personal preference. Shorter cooking times leaves the steaks juicier and with more flavor, whereas a longer cooking time will make the steak drier. Below are the terms we prepare our steaks by:

Rare - The outside is a grey-brown color, with a red center, warm throughout.

Medium rare -The outside is a grey-brown color, fairly hot throughout while the middle of the steak is a pinkish red, blending to the color of the meats surface.

Medium - The outside is a grey-brown color. The inside is pink, whilst blending to a grey-brown with the rest of the meat, and is hot throughout.

Medium well - The steak is almost a grey-brown color with only a slight hint of pink. Again being hot throughout.

Well done - The steak has a complete grey-brown color throughout, drier and less juicy, and tender.